Magnum 500

    When Motor Rim & Wheel made the Magnum 500, they made a legend.  Made for Ford, MOPAR, GM, and AMC, the Magnum became the most desired wheel for enthusiasts, street rodders, or just the plain working stiff that wants something special.

    TDW is Magnum 500 headquarters.  We rebuild Magnum 500 wheels.  We use only OE centers, not those imitation "knock off" centers.  We rebuild chrome, aluminum overlay (commonly known as the Chrysler finish),  and the Argent powder coated wheels.

     Olds and Chevrolet called the Magnum the Rally 1 or Supersport wheel.  TDW also re-manufactures these wheels

    TDW builds 14 and 15 " diameter and widths from 5 to 14".  TDW builds Magnum 500 wheels with re-chromed centers, powder coated background colors, new chrome rim shells, built to your back spacing needs.  They are fully welded and true.

    TDW also believes the Magnum 500 is the most special wheel of all.  We make great Magnums and are very proud of the quality.

    Call 800-621-6436 and order today, we ship UPS daily, and we love to sell Magnum's!

Simply call 800-621-6436 for sales.
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